Creative Arts

The Creative Arts Department of South Plains College offers student musicians and technicians a NATIONALLY ACCLAIMED opportunity to participate in an array of musical training and performance experiences! We offer FIVE TECHNICAL PROGRAMS that prepare students for the MUSIC INDUSTRY. Our strength is our emphasis on practical, hands-on approach to learning.

Cinema & Video

Ever wanted to direct your own music video? Our Cinema & Video Production  program is designed to provide you with preparation and experience for entry-level video production technical positions. Graduates possess knowledge of techniques, procedures and operations of equipment used in the video production industry. This includes training in television and audio production, graphics, lighting and editing. Students who successfully complete the curriculum will receive an Associate of Applied Science degree.

Live Sound

Live Sound is designed to provide you with the skills necessary to obtain a job in the sound reinforcement industry. You’ll receive practical application of these skills through hands-on experience. This includes training in sound systems design, setup/installation, verification/troubleshooting, system optimization, and mixing techniques for professional level sound reinforcement. Graduates possess a solid foundation of signal flow, specifications, and industry standard practices surrounding live sound reinforcement systems.

Commercial Music

Our Commercial Music program is designed to equip you with the skills to work in the field of popular commercial music. This curriculum meets all requirements for the Associate of Applied Arts degree. You’ll choose from a broad menu of private instrument lessons and ensemble classes. These classes are open to all SPC students! You can choose to major in Guitar, Voice, Piano, Bass, Drums, and even Songwriting!

Sound Technology

Our Sound Technology program is designed to provide you with experience for entry-level recording engineer positions. You’ll possess knowledge of recording techniques, and operation of equipment used in the studio recording industry. This includes training in selection and placement of microphones, analysis of acoustical environments, use of effects, troubleshooting, engineering, and production techniques. We now offer a class on Analog Tape Recording!


Graphic Design

Graphic Design introduces students to the competencies and knowledge required for entry into the graphic arts field. Training is production-oriented with study in print media, web site design, video graphics, and multimedia presentation. The program offers two options, allowing students to specialize with an Art or an Internet emphasis. You’ll use state-of-the-art computers to prepare digital artwork consistent with current industry standards. Students work on a variety of graphic art projects, taking it from concept to final production.