Groove Day 2024

Last year's highlights w/ Sonny Emory...

GrooveDay Schedule

  • 10AMFree Masterclass by SPC Commercial Music Director of Percussion Phillip Smith

  • 11AMFree Masterclass by feature artist John JR Robinson

  • 1:30PM – GROOVE CONTEST w/ PRIZES! – come cheer on your favorite contestant!!!!

  • 3PM – Q&A with John JR Robinson


    ($50-students, $100-non-students)

    For all ages and experience levels, but participation is limited, so sign up below!

Email with any questions.

Groove Day Registration

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD your GrooveDay Contest materials…

South Plains College GrooveDay Contest Instructions

Each contestant must play the five compulsory grooves using the exact tempos. After completing the five compulsory grooves, each contestant will play one groove of their choice in any style or tempo.

Gear provided

(The set cannot be changed aside from minor height or distance adjustments.)

  • 5-piece drum set
  • 2 crash cymbals
  • 1 ride cymbal
  • 1 set of hi-hats
  • Single bass drum pedal
  • Isolation headphones for click track
  • Sticks – You may use your sticks. You cannot use any personal drums, hardware, or sound reinforcement.

Performance instructions

  1. When a contestant is called, they will have 30 seconds to make minor adjustments to the drums.
  2. The contestant will then get 15 seconds to adjust the click volume in their headphones.
  3. The first groove will be counted, and the contestant will play it with a click track for approximately 15 seconds.
  4. After the first groove ends, there will be 8 seconds of silence before the second groove is counted in, which the contestant will play with a click track for approximately 15 seconds.
  5. The same procedure will continue until all five compulsory grooves are completed.
  6. The contestant will then have 15 seconds to play their groove of choice before exiting the stage for the next contestant.

Judging Criteria

  1. Ability to play the notated groove correctly.
  2. Ability to lock into the groove instantly.
  3. Ability to play consistent time with the click and maintain a great feel.
  4. Ability to play the grooves with stylistic authenticity.
  5. Backbeat volume, placement, and sound consistency.
  6. Tempo, feel, and creativity of the personally chosen groove.
  7. Ability to adapt quickly to a backline-provided drum set and monitor system.

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Tom T. Hall Production Studio

The Tom T. Hall Auditorium & Production Studio is where the magic happens! This is where the students show off what they’ve been learning all semester. Every program comes together to make these shows happen, and at the end of every semester we have Fest Week – a week full of performances from every student, every day.


(Video shows front of house area)


Narrator: This is where our Sound Technology and Live Sound students display their skill. They make all the sounds happening on stage clear enough to hear in the audience. Without them, shows wouldn’t be possible at all.


(Video shows light console)


Narrator: This is where our video students light up the stage. Their lights make the performances exciting and intriguing – and when they graduate, they’ll have the skills needed to work for big name acts in the real world.


(Video shows sound world footage)


Narrator: This is where more of our Sound Technology and Live Sound students work their magic. They make sure the people on the stage can hear everything that they’re doing. Without these people, shows would be impossible, and MANY of our Sound Tech and Live Sound students find jobs immediately after school.


(Video shows cameras, and A for V room, video has the livestream URL ribboned across bottom of screen)


Narrator: Our Video and Sound Tech students work together to broadcast everything that happens in this auditorium online, so that people all over the world can see it. All of our performances get archived on – go check it out!


(Video shows stage again)


Narrator: The stage is where our Commercial Music students practice what they’re going to do the rest of their lives – perform for people. Our commercial music students join bands and practice with them all semester to bring you the shows at fest week – a practice that is unique to South Plains College.


(Video shows montage of most exciting Tom T Hall moments)


Narrator: All of these departments come together HERE at one time to put on the best show possible!


(Video continues with exciting Tom T Hall moments until it ends)